Our Solution

Shamba Records is a decentralized application that runs On Blockchain Technology, the word ‘shamba’ means farm in Swahili. The purpose of the project is to help cash crop farmers in Sub Saharan Africa get paid diligently. We achieve this by creating a decentralized ledger that is able to store securely the harvest records of cash crop farmers, these records can’t be altered or manipulated. This is done to eliminate extortion by middlemen.  In addition we create an identity platform that ensures there is a proper resource allocation for the farmers. With an identity system in place farmers can enjoy instant payments.

The first phase of the project is being tested in Kenya and then it will be rolled out to the neighboring East African countries with a population of over 120 Million people. Later on we scale to the rest of Africa.

In the long run our goal is to help over half of the 1.2 Billion people in Africa who solely depend on Agriculture. This means the continent mainly depends on Agriculture, with some countries like Kenya where agriculture contributes close to 45% of Government’s revenue.

Benefits to the farmers.

  • Transparent process
  • Tracking system
  • Accountability
  • Instant Resource allocation
  • Credit
  • Decent pay for decent work
  • Identity system/platform
  • Smart contracts