Over 60% of people in Sub Saharan Africa depend on Agriculture. Mostly grow cash crops to sustain their lives as well educate their children. However due to lack of proper systems that help farmers, Cash crop institutions and middle men have being taking advantage of the farmers.Many Agriculture industries have collapsed for instance in Kenya:  a sugar factory called Mumias sugar collapsed due to corrupt individuals leaving farmers unpaid. Another industry that’s falling in Kenya is the coffee industry. In the last decades farmers were able to produce over 130,000 Metric tonnes of coffee but currently the country is only producing 40,000 Metric tonnes.

All this failures leads to one cause and that’s exploitation, this menace is caused due to  lack of proper information channels that allow the farmers to participate in auctioning of their harvest.In addition another big challenge is lack of proper record keeping and identity platforms. In Kenya Cash Crop farmers are given paper receipts as a record of their harvest. However most farmers lose these paper receipts, in addition the farmers aren’t able to check their accounts for verification. This alone gives room for manipulation and exploitation. 

Here is just one case study that highlights the theft in the Agriculture industry:
Coffee farmers in Kenya and Sub Saharan Africa have been exploited by middlemen, the average income per Kg in a coffee bag that gets to the farmer is around 0.30 USD , while at the auction the same coffee bag per Kg averages to around 5 to 6 USD. This leaves the farmer deprived of his hard earned money.One of the major causes of this is due to lack a systematic approach that can help the farmer track and verify his harvest  up to the auction.